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Comments made, by you and people like you, during earlier consultation have been incorporated into this draft Plan. They have helped strike the balance between social, economic and environmental issues. The continued involvement of different people, groups and agencies in the further refinement of the plan and the implementation of its policies is critical to the success of its shared vision. I strongly urge you, therefore, to send us your comments on this, our draft plan, and help guide future development in Cornwall.

The role of the planning process is to bring about the most efficient and effective use of land in the public interest. This is achieved through the framework of policies and proposals set out in development plans(1) these form the basis for day to day planning decisions. The Structure Plan forms a key element of that framework. This Plan is available for the public and interested organisations to consider and to comment on the policies and proposals.

The key issues arising and any further information needed to finalise the Plan will be considered at an Examination in Public (EIP), conducted by a Panel appointed by the Secretary of State. After consideration of the findings of the EIP, the County Council will publish its response and any modifications to the Plan. In addition, Get Best Google Places Services it is still considered important to identify particular areas and sites of special importance in the County.

The coverage, role and the objectives of the former Areas of Great Historic Value and Areas of Great Scientific Value can be more effectively achieved. Policy 4 sets out ways in which development must contribute to the prudent use of resources. It will be important in respect of the location and siting of proposals and also in terms of its design and construction. These issues are dealt separately in Policy 17. Development should always make the best use of existing land and buildings.

A number of policies in the Plan reflect this principle. With the exception of an amendment to Steve Howell’s name the minutes were approved for uploading to the web site. Peter Dawson indicated that the intention of this meeting was to undertake the optioneering rather than conduct a steering group, but that the opportunity could be taken to agree the minutes of the 18th December 2002 meeting. Matters arisng were deferred and the agenda was passed to WSP for taking forward. WSP indicated they had now looked at the A350 south of Warminster

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index1All of this will be complimented by 3 live music events at Stocktonís Arc and its Georgian Theatre have to offer. You can turn up on the day but advance booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Grants will be available to project that will provide, direct and lasting benefits to older people.

Set up costs will only be funded if itís likely that the project will continue after the grant has been used. The scheme is open to registered RCOs working on projects with other voluntary organisations and with statutory organisations, schools or colleges.

A total of £1.76m is available for eligible projects until December 2006, with all work to be completed and funds spent by December 2008. Public, Link Building Services community, voluntary and non-profit organisations within Alnwick District and Berwick upon Tweed Borough are eligible to apply and, in certain instances, funding may also be available to the private sector. The programme specifically takes into account the needs of women and young people through its activities, for example support for youth inclusion schemes, ICT, and human support, via youth drop-in centres, business and community mentoring, apprenticeship schemes linked to the six Leader+ development strands, exchanges, networking and transnational projects.

Funding is mainly for revenue projects, however, projects can have a capital allocation to the maximum of 50% or £50,000 (whichever is the lowest). Home Front Recall is the title of a new £7.3 million funding scheme jointly launched by the Community Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund and the New Opportunities Fund. The scheme, which is open to any notfor-profit organisation (including clubs, societies, schools, town and parish councils), will enable World War Two home front veterans to commemorate their vital contribution to the war effort in the run up to the 60th anniversary of the ending of the war.